Lets Pray

Let’s Pray Sun 17 Oct – Sat 23 Oct 2021
Sunday 17 October
• Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as he participates in the service of thanksgiving today at St Anne’s Cathedral,
celebrating 60 years of the Belfast Samaritans. Pray for all those in distress or despair or who experience suicidal
feelings, that they may have the courage to ask for the help they need. Give thanks for the many Samaritans
volunteers; pray that they may have the necessary strength, stamina & continuing compassion in every interaction.
• Encouraged by God in worship | Ask God to encourage his people in worship as we meet today, helping us look
back with thankfulness for all he has been to us & look forward in hope, anticipating his ongoing presence with us.
Monday 18 October
• Diane Cusick (global mission in Zambia) | Pray for the Early Childhood Development centres in Livingstone,
Monze and Mazabuka – for the children not only to have fun through play, but to learn that Jesus loves them.
• Zambia | Pray for CCAP Synod of Zambia as they hold their bi-annual General Administrative Committee meeting
this week. Pray for wisdom as they make plans for the coming year. Pray too for Diane as she presents a report
on Early Childhood Development and also assists the Synod with other presentations.
Tuesday 19 October
• Sonya Anderson (deaconess in Shore St, Donaghadee) | Give thanks for the children’s & adults’ groups that
are beginning to meet in-person. Pray that God will use these gatherings to restore a sense of community
& that people will be encouraged in their faith. Pray for wisdom as the congregation seeks a new minister.
• Kilkenny | Give thanks for fresh beginnings with the induction of Rev Jonathan Currie last month as minister,
and a great openness to the preaching of God’s Word. As restrictions further ease, pray for discernment about
what activities to restart and when to restart them.
Wednesday 20 October
• Russia | Pray for staff and students at the Christian University of St Petersburg, for improvements in its finances
and the challenges connected to new Russian legislation. Pray for strength and vision for pastors who are
former students of the university as they minister.
• Latvia | Pray for our partners in Latvia, the Evangelical Reformed Church of Latvia and the Baltic Reformed
Theological Seminary. Pray for their work and witness through the restrictions caused by the pandemic.
Thursday 21 October
• Norman Harrison (hospital chaplain) | Pray for Norman as he serves as chaplain in the Royal Group of
Hospitals, Belfast and as lead chaplain in the Northern Trust. Pray for strength and encouragement for
Norman in all he does, and that through him God will speak to many patients, relatives and hospital staff.
• Limerick | Pray for God’s blessing on the work and witness of the United Presbyterian and Methodist
congregation of Limerick. Pray especially for Rev Stephen Hancock, the church council & congregational leaders.
Friday 22 October
• Social Witness | Pray for the managers of our homes and units as they deal with many tasks on a daily basis.
There is a shortage of staff right across the care sector at present, which is affecting both the public and private
sector. Pray that staffing levels rise and recruitment drives are successful.
• Retail | Give thanks for those who work in retail and who have continued to provide for our daily needs in recent
months. Pray for their protection in the busy run up to Christmas and that God would grant them grace, patience
and stamina as they work long hours and serve customers who may be experiencing their own hassles and stress.
Saturday 23 October
• General Council | As the marking of the centenary of the foundation of Northern Ireland remains a sensitive
issue, pray for the Moderator and the other church leaders, as they collectively lead a service of worship in St
Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh.
• Linkage Commission | The Linkage Commission meets on Tuesday 26 October. Three congregations are due to
ask permission to call a minister. Pray for the Commission, and its convener, James Livingstone, as it seeks to
allocate resources [ministers, additional pastoral personnel, auxiliary ministers] across PCI at a time when the
number of available ministers is low and falling.

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