Lets Pray

Let’s Pray Sun 16 Jan – Sat 22 Jan 2022
Sunday 16 January
• Moderator | Presbyteries will seek to elect a new Moderator of the General Assembly on 1 February. Pray for
a successful outcome, and for the Moderator elect, as they will begin a journey of preparation for their new
responsibilities in June.
• Worship: Part of something bigger | ‘Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples.’ Psalm 117:1. As we
worship today ask God to increase our awareness that we participate in the worship of the worldwide people of God.
Monday 17 January
• Peter & Valerie Lockwood (global mission workers, Nepal) | Give thanks that the Lockwood family arrived safely
back in N Ireland in December having completed their work in Nepal. Give thanks for their dedicated service with
United Mission to Nepal and pray for them as they settle back here and undertake deputation.
• South Sudan | Pray for the work and witness of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan. Pray for those that are
dependent on food aid and for the church as they seek to help. Pray too for peace, justice and political progress.
Tuesday 18 January
• Roberta Irvine (deaconess, Greystone Road, Antrim) | During the covid-era vacancy, pray that members would
not just ‘tread water’ spiritually, but would take discipleship and disciple-making even more seriously. Pray they
will rise to the challenges of the era and area, with cultural intelligence and biblical, servant lives.
• Cahir (Co Tipperary) & Fermoy (Co Cork) | Pray for members of the congregation as they engage in outreach
ministries. Pray in particular for the continued efforts to reach out to young people.
• Wednesday 19 January
• Naomi Leremore (global mission worker, Kenya) | Pray for Naomi and her colleagues on the Theological
Education by Extension team. Pray that the new mentorship course will be well used throughout the Presbyterian
Church of East Africa and be a useful tool in reaching out to and discipling teenagers across Kenya.
• Pakistan | Pray for leaders and members of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan as they live out their faith in
Christ. Pray for strength and protection for Christians suffering persecution in Pakistan and around the world.
Thursday 20 January
• Graham Stockdale (prison chaplain – Maghaberry) | Pray for Graham as he continues to provide pastoral care
and reaches out to prisoners and staff. Give thanks and pray for those who have committed themselves to
following Jesus, many of whom continue to struggle with the legacy of their pasts.
• Carndonagh, Greenbank, Malin and Moville (Co Donegal) | Pray for these congregations as they continue to
navigate the pandemic, prioritising discipleship in church life. Pray too for their minister, Rev Philip Poots.
Friday 21 January
• Social Witness | The New Year can be especially difficult for those with mental health problems. Give thanks for
volunteers who staff helplines at this demanding time of year. Give thanks too for resources and television
campaigns that promote the importance of seeking help and of talking through issues.
• Education | Preparations are underway for PCI Talks Education at Assembly Buildings on Saturday 29 January.
Give thanks for all those across PCI who serve in various roles in the education sector, and pray that this morning
would provide an opportunity to encourage and envision all those involved.
Saturday 22 January
• General Council | The General Council is the most representative body within PCI after the General Assembly.
Pray for its convener, the Very Rev Dr Noble McNeely, giving thanks for his wise leadership. Pray for its
significant work in coordinating the activities of all its Councils, in addition to making responses on major
issues which arise during the year.
• Training in Ministry | Licentiates, or assistant ministers, are placed in congregations to continue their training
‘on the job’. An important part of this is supervision by the minister of the congregation. Pray for these
ministers as they meet to be trained in this vital role on Thursday 27 January. Pray for Professor David Leach as
he leads this.

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